Vasu_2010_1Hi, There! I am Srinivas “Vasu” Chinta. I am a User Experience Expert and the Chief Designer at Prabal Design, a UX strategy, design and training firm in Hyderabad, India.

I love every single moment of the journey I take while designing something. For me, everything is ‘design’, and every user is a designer. I firmly believe that a professional designer’s job is to facilitate great design while lending a truthful ear to the needs of a User.

I also like mentoring young designers and enjoy speaking at design gatherings.

Apart from design, I love sports and dabble a little in music and art. I also happen to be a proud father of two kids and, I live with my wonderful wife and children in Hyderabad, India. You may get in touch with me via LinkedIn.

It would be criminal if I close my introduction without speaking about the influences in my life. While there had been many who helped me learn a lot of things, these three gentlemen certainly had a larger hand in helping me shape myself into what I am today.

Bhagavan Jalli – It is all because of him. He is the one who introduced the world of UX to me.
Gabe Zentall – I had been his silent admirer. Never met him in person but have had the opportunity of working with him on a big product.
Vijay Bhaskar CK – There are a lot of things I learnt from him. But, his penchant for quality had been a greater influence.

Hope you enjoy my blog!

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