Users ‘must’ be the conduit of your ‘Exit Strategy’ – Always

March 4, 2016

People use your products, not the investors or the conference goers.

As someone who dabbled in the business for over seven years, I very much understand that ‘chasing out’ the investment is of the highest priority. And I also know that for an ideator, it is important to influence people in conferences and boardrooms to help himself breathe an air of¬†pleasantness. But, those people are ‘not’ the real users. Your product, eventually, has to be used by the ones who need it the most. All the rest, play supporting roles.

User Research is the way to go

An idea turns greatest when it carves its value in Users’ heart

So, to reach the heart of your users, you need to understand them. You must spend some quality time with them, know what they are looking for and gauge what you can provide. Also, try to understand the context of the product’s usage and feel the emotions attached to such usage. In case, you are not able to do it, involve a professional and get it done. But, never skip it by telling yourself “I too am a user, I know what is needed”. It doesn’t work because the user in you is dominated by the businessperson in you and so, the compromises follow.

Trust me, a well-researched idea speaks for itself. The backers of your idea would be more comfortable with such a research.

Keep testing, regularly

Another aspect that will help you establish the value of your project is regular User testing. The results would help you re-align the UX and thus keep you closer to the reality. Not just that, these reports would also assist you in establishing an exceptional case in the boardrooms!

So, respect your investors but please note that it is the Users who make you successful. Work with them to build something that works for them.

One comment on “Users ‘must’ be the conduit of your ‘Exit Strategy’ – Always

  1. C K Vijay Bhaskar

    Spot on!. The investors, founders and other key stakeholders should always bring in the users perspective to succeed. Without this perspective, the product/service/idea has failed from the start.

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