Never fall in love with your design

September 28, 2016

On a lot of occasions, I have seen designers vehemently ‘defending’ their work even when a usability study begins to show that the UX is failing. It happens because they fall in love with their designs, head over heels. They fail to realise that their brainchild is falling short of meeting the expectations of the users.

UX design is context-centric. Its aim should be to address the needs of Users within that context. A designer plays the role of a facilitator of design between the ideator and the user. There is no room for any personal bias as it would build a mismatch between designer’s opinions and users’ expectations. By making use of his experience, a designer is expected to add within the contour of context and user goals, adequately, but not beyond it.

And, a designer is also expected to be highly aware of his design choices and the reasons that prompted those. Please note that it is awareness, not love. I prefer to call it detached awareness. This state of mind helps a designer look at the picture from user’s perspective and lets him address the issues in a pragmatic sense.

So, bottom line, never fall in love with your design. For, that love will make you weak and unwittingly forces you to defend your work. Furthermore, when you defend your design without being rational, you walk on your path of credibility loss.

2 comments on “Never fall in love with your design

  1. ron bird

    No, no, no, no. Love everything you do. Put your whole heart into the design. But listen to others and be prepared to have your heart broken, you will come back stronger and the design will be better. You will never get good design if you don’t love what you do.

    1. Vasu

      Ron, I guess you got my intention wrong. I never meant that you should hate your job. You should love your job but not blindly love the design that you create and fail to see the reality.

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