iPad Pro – my next office computer

September 18, 2015

Though I am not a die-hard fan of Apple’s products, I somehow end up using one or the other product that comes out of their stable. Honestly, I don’t get swayed by all the brouhaha and the hype that gets created around them. I neither eagerly wait for their product releases nor burn midnight oil (I live in India) to follow the keynotes. And, I never cared about their pre-orders as well. But, this time things seem to be a little different because of something called as iPad Pro. It successfully caught my attention and convinced me to get rid of my laptop.

I am more than sure that convenience lured me to make this choice.

Let me elaborate. Over a period, I have been asking myself a question repeatedly. Why am I using this laptop when I do not use it the way it was meant to be?

  • Well, all my artefacts are stored in the cloud, and I do not create any files locally.
  • I am not anymore using all the desktop software that I used to, and the ones I use are web-based.
  • The majority of my work happens on a web-browser.
  • I feel the laptop is a tad large and inconvenient for my kind of usage.
  • Moreover, I often draw/sketch to discuss ideas, and this results in wastage of paper. I always was looking for an excellent medium that helps me draw, store and present. The laptop doesn’t seem to offer a simple solution in this case.

With a large screen size, promising speed, a convenient keyboard and a pencil, iPad Pro pledges to match my need. It has all the apps that I need and thus fits snugly into all my usage scenarios.

I know it would take a short while for me to get adjusted to the switch, but I have made up my mind. For, I see convenience.

Waiting for the iPad Pro to arrive.

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