Have you been prototyping often?

May 9, 2016


A friend of mine had a ‘drink-water’ alarm set on his phone. Someone told him that drinking water at regular intervals is great, and he got on to the job with the help of an alarm. It might sound funny to some, and some might nod their head in approval. But the reality is he did set the alarm and then eventually got used to the habit and no longer needs an alarm. The reason I narrated his story is to tell you that; you need to do something like he did, albeit in a different realm. You should set a ‘prototyping-alarm.’

Often, I see people getting into discussions and stay there for a time longer than it is required. I am not indicating that you must not discuss. You should. But be careful with the dangers of inaction. For, a discussion without action is of no great use. Let me elaborate.

While you discuss, you keep churning out ideas, actionable items, solutions and better ways of implementation. Each new thought is exciting and needs proper care. The care of ‘action’. If you churn out an idea, write it on a paper and move on to the next one, without elaborating it, you are committing a crime. A crime of ideacide (the act of killing an idea). An idea is half-baked on paper, and it could die its death there itself! Instead, what you should do is, each time you crack an idea, sit down and prototype it. Draw, sketch, build or do whatever that makes sense and see how that idea evolves and benefits the user. If time is of concern, then keep the sprints shorter, but indulge in prototyping.

Prototyping helps you enhance the value of your idea, look at its dark corners and most importantly, help you test it. So, set your ‘prototyping-alarm’ right now!

3 comments on “Have you been prototyping often?

  1. uxerweb

    I strongly agree.

    Most of the valuable ideas go into drain by not jotting down (first), second by not accompanying or backing up with proper written statements or prototyping.

    Take this case. Many of us have the good habit of writing or scribbling down while they discuss. After days or sometimes, after hours we don’t remember the actual thought given to arrive at that idea and its uses as our mind gets occupied with some other ideas resulting ideacide. To avoid this IDEAcide one should prototype to map their thought process.

    I do prototyping and I recommend Prototyping because VISUAL is always strong. It makes one to recollect all the discussions happened in a glimpse.

  2. Raj

    What about “do-ers” who don’t draw and just try things out? You know me 🙂 Most of my prototyping is based on my frustration with what’s in the market. At the rate I am going it feels as though prototypes are only as good as the outcome of my experiments on them… I have to bring it bench in a physical shape and design…. all this aside from a scientist perspective Im quite enthused about you taking the time to blogit…

    1. Vasu

      Prototypes are for true validation of an idea, which you always create. But, the prototype can turn into a product if you start applying the user needs within the given context.

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