‘Gone Girl’ (movie) would leave you impressed

November 13, 2015

This is the first time I am writing about a movie. It doesn’t mean that I vowed myself never to write about one. It was simply not on my active agenda till I happened to watch this film called ‘Gone Girl’; to say the least, it impressed me beyond belief. So, here I am venturing out to write what I felt.

I was born and brought up in India – the southern part of it, to be precise. A lot will agree with me if I say that we grow up listening stories and fables that have a definitive conclusion and that too with a moral. “What’s the moral of the story?” is an oft-asked question right after someone narrates a story to a child.

As this is a formulaic recipe of our staple literary diet, most of us tend to end up dumbfounded when we get in touch with something that breaks the myth of ‘every story should end with a morally acceptable conclusion’. All the traditional stories and movies that we read or hear conclude with the villain getting beaten up black and blue. That’s why we have ‘heroes’ and ‘heroines’ in our movies rather than just the protagonists.

The first occasion when this belief of mine got a severe jolt was when I watched the film ‘Match Point’. ‘How on earth could this guy get away?’ was the question that lingered in my thoughts for a long time. I had to feed myself with a bunch of hero(ine)-always-wins movies to get out of this hangover.

I was again all hunky dory till I saw this marvelous piece of beauty called ‘Gone Girl.’ This film took nihilism to an all new level. And the thunder that struck me was immense. The impact was much stronger than what ‘Match Point’ could manage. The emotional rollercoaster was just amazing. Every single character’s perspective seemed justified till the screenwriter made Amy’s character a little vulnerable and I couldn’t help but empathise with the otherwise amoral Nick. Though the plot seems a bit unreal, the plausibility of the actions, their outcomes, and reactions of the society seem very real. Rosamund Pike as Amy and Ben Affleck as Nick were very believable with their spellbinding performances. But for me the winner all the way was Rosamund Pike.

I don’t want to get into the plot, and the other details as plenty of articles have spoken about it already. All that I want to say is, if you ever wish to watch a movie and stay thinking about it for a long while, please do not miss ‘Gone Girl.’ The script, the direction, the performances and the background score, all would make you stick to your seat. David Fincher and Gillian Flynn, you did an outstanding job.

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